Monday, December 29, 2014

Work Flow & Cash Flow

Not Too Long Ago In An Office Not Too Far Away….

Lean Guy and Money Girl worked around each other, listened to each other and other team managers talk about their current statuses and issues in the Monday 8am meeting every week, but did not really connect the dots between the results they were both trying to achieve individually.  Sure, everyone has gone through the Intro to Continuous Improvement training, the site was 99% compliant to that target.  And the site completes their mandated “3 Kaizens per Year” target easily by the end of the second quarter every year; we are number 1 in the company!

Sound familiar?  While these goals and targets are not bad, do you know why they exist and the purpose they serve?  We spend a considerable amount of time talking about activities that are value-added in a process, but how does this translate into increasing the value of the site or company?